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Frequently Asked Questions

Pool Industry Terms

What is shotcrete or gunite?
Gunite also known as Dry-Mix Shotcrete is the process in which a dry mixture is conveyed pneumatically through a delivery hose, at the end of which water is added at a nozzle. The material is mixed into a special mechanical feeder or gun called the delivery equipment. The material is then carried by compressed air through the delivery hose to a nozzle body. The material is shot from the nozzle at high velocity onto the receiving surface. Mixing occurs in the nozzle and as the material impacts the surface.

And Shotcrete also known as Wet-Mix Shotcrete has all the same ingredients as the dry-mix gunite process, except they are mixed together before being pumped into a delivery hose. Compressed air is then added at the nozzle to increase the material velocity.

Are ozone sanitation systems effective?

Ozone has been used for municipal water treatment since the early 1900’s and began to see use in commercial and residential swimming pools shortly thereafter. Ozone is common in European swimming pools, but is less so in the United States where chlorination is the most common sanitation standard. Ozone is effective in treating pool water because it is an extremely strong oxidizer (much stronger and faster-acting than chlorine) and because it contributes oxygen to the water as its by-product. Ozone is also pH neutral, therefore, balancing of swimming pool water is easier compared to a chlorine pool, resulting in less chemical adjustments. Ozone is the strongest oxidizer that is safe to both handle and use. Ozone is the one most effective oxidizer and disinfectant commercially available that can be safely used in water and air treatment. It has been approved by the FDA, USDA, and the EPA as an antimicrobial disinfectant. Ozone requires only cold water, eliminates the need for chemicals, and is created on-site, on-demand.

Ozone is a smarter alternative to salt, chlorine, and other chemicals and can oxidize and reduce microorganisms such as bacteria, fungus, and viruses in water 3,200 times faster than chlorine.

What is a hartford loop?
Hartford loops are used for spa jet air plumbing so that when the spa jets are off the water doesn’t flood the entire air line. The invert of the loop needs to be above the water level which may require that the loop is outside of the spa structure for perimeter overflow spas.
What is a bond beam?
The bond beam is the top portion of the gunite, shotcrete, or concrete wall in which the pool coping sits and waterline tile is placed. Typically the bond beam is the top 12” edge around the top of the pool.
What is pool coping?
Coping is the material used to cap the pool shell wall. Coping material can range from flagstone, travertine, concrete, tile, brick, poured concrete, pre-cast concrete etc. The most common materials people use are travertine and flagstone.
What are skimmers?
The location and number of skimmers are important especially in unique pool designs. Skimmers help keep your pool water and plaster clean. It skims the water by capturing floating debris like leaves, dirt, insects, twigs, oils etc before they sink to the bottom of the pool.
What pool sanitizer do you use or recommend?
Most customers are familiar with standard in-line chlorinators and salt systems. Salt systems are popular, but I personally don’t recommend salt systems. Salt is corrosive and leaves a scale build on on your tile and water features that have to be cleaned. Salt systems make chlorine gas. The exact same chemical compound as chlorine tabs. The salt goes through a salt cell and through electrolysis it breaks the salt down creating chlorine gas. It just uses that salt over and over to make chlorine. Because of the chemical reaction salt systems will increase the pH level of your water, causing the pH levels to rise which increases demand for a pH controller like muriatic acid. I prefer using AOP systems over salt or standard chlorine. I recommend using an AOP system like Hayward’s UVO, which is an ozone and UV system with a chemical automation with a chemical automation system to introduces liquid chlorine to control the ORP and muriatic acid to control the pH. Even if you have a pool service guy coming once a week to clean the pool and balance the water, that’s not enough to keep the water balanced. I am a big believer in chemical automation to constantly monitor your water chemistry to keep the water balanced every day.

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